RRML - Ferritins in iron metabolism investigation

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Concept, Design & Programming
Dr. Adrian Man

Nr. 11(2)/2008

Ferritins in iron metabolism investigation

Mariana Paţiu, G. Laszlo, A. Cucuianu


Ferritin is the main storage form of iron in the body. Ferritin in the serum reflects the extent of the iron stores and is an early indicator of decreasing iron stores. Erythrocyte ferritin, reflecting the balance between iron entering and leaving the red blood cell, can be used in monitoring therapy by bleeding in hemochromatosis patients. Mitochondrial ferritin detection appears to be a promising new means of diagnosing sideroblastic anemia.

Keywords: ferritin,serum ferritin,glycosylated ferritin,erythrocyte ferritin,mitochondrial ferritin

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Paţiu M, Laszlo G, Cucuianu A. Ferritins in iron metabolism investigation. Rev Romana Med Lab. 2008;11(2):53-5