RRML - Risk for metabolic syndrome in a group of overweight children from South-East Romania

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Dr. Adrian Man

Nr. 21(1)/2013 DOI:10.2478/rrlm-2013-0021

Risk for metabolic syndrome in a group of overweight children from South-East Romania

Bianca I. Chesaru, Michaela Dobre, Gabriel Murariu, Aurel Nechita


The present study aims to identify and analyse the cardiometabolic risk factors associated with the metabolic syndrome in overweight children and adolescents. The study group included 163 overweight children and adolescents, average age: 13.02 ± 3.42 years. The following evaluations were performed: anthropometrical measurements, blood pressure measurements, biochemical tests investigating the lipid and carbohydrate metabolism. Metabolic syndrome was identified in 48 subjects (29.4%). The risk to develop MS was found to be higher in males and within the 13-18 age group. The most common cardiometabolic risk factors were abdominal obesity (75.5%) and high blood pressure (41.1%), followed by low HDL-cholesterol (35%), increased fasting blood glucose (23.3%) and hypertriglyceridemia (17.8%.). The variables under analysis exhibited significant correlations with the number of metabolic syndrome diagnosis criteria. The metabolic syndrome prevalence in the paediatric population affected by excess body weight has reached high values in our geographical area. It is thus justified to initiate screening activities for the early detection and adequate treatment of the modifiable cardiometabolic risk factors, contributing to the prevention of long-term complications.

Keywords: overweight children,hypertension,dyslipidemia,metabolic syndrome

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Chesaru BI, Dobre M, Murariu G, Nechita A. Risk for metabolic syndrome in a group of overweight children from South-East Romania. Rev Romana Med Lab. 2013;21(1):83-92. DOI:10.2478/rrlm-2013-0021