RRML - Soluble urokinase-type plasminogen activator receptor (suPAR) – a possible biomarker for bacteremia in sepsis

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Dr. Adrian Man

Nr. 23(1)/2015 DOI:10.1515/rrlm-2015-0002

Soluble urokinase-type plasminogen activator receptor (suPAR) – a possible biomarker for bacteremia in sepsis

Anca-Meda Georgescu, Janos Szederjesi, Septimiu Voidazan, Minodora Dobreanu, Sanda Maria Copotoiu, Adina Hutanu, Leonard Azamfirei


Background. Validating new sepsis biomarkers can contribute to early diagnosis and initiation of therapy. The aim of this study is to evaluate the sepsis predictive capacity of soluble urokinase plasminogen receptor (suPAR) and its role in evaluating the prognosis of bloodstream infections. Material and method. We conducted a prospective pilot study on 49 systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) patients admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU), that were divided, on the basis of bacteremia in group A (SIRS with bacteremia, n=14) and group B (SIRS without bacteremia, n=35). Hemoculture and blood samples were drawn on the first day to determine suPAR, C-reactive protein (CRP) and procalcitonin (PCT). We set to identify significant cut-off values in estimating bacteremia and mortality in septic patients. Results. In group A, suPAR values were 14.3 ng/mL (range 10-45.5 ng/mL) and in group B, 9.85 ng/mL (range 3.4-48 ng/mL) p=0.008. Area under the curve (AUC) for suPAR was 0.745 (95% CI: 0.600-0.859), for CRP 0.613 (95% CI: 0.522-0.799) and for PCT 0.718 (95% CI: 0.477-0.769). Cut-off value for suPAR in bacteremia prediction was 9.885 ng/mL, with 100% sensibility and 51.43% specificity. Mortality in group A was 85.7% (12/14) and in group B 74.3% (26/39), p>0.05. Area under the curve (AUC) for suPAR was 0.750 (95% CI: 0.455-0.936), for CRP 0.613 (95% CI: 0.413-0.913) and for PCT 0.618 (95% CI: 0.373-0.888). Cut-off value of suPAR in predicting mortality was 11.5 ng/mL, with 66.67% sensibility and 100% specificity. Conclusions. In our study suPAR had a predictive capacity for bacteremia and seems to be an independent factor for mortality prognosis in septic patients.

Keywords: Sepsis, suPAR, biomarkers, bacteremia, mortality

Received: 18.11.2014
Accepted: 18.1.2015
Published: 20.2.2015

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Georgescu AM, Szederjesi J, Voidazan S, Dobreanu M, Copotoiu SM, Hutanu A, et al. Soluble urokinase-type plasminogen activator receptor (suPAR) – a possible biomarker for bacteremia in sepsis. Rev Romana Med Lab. 2015;23(1):59-73. DOI:10.1515/rrlm-2015-0002