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Articles from Nr. 4(December)/2007

  1. The Omega-3 Index and The Risk for Sudden Death
    Cristina Goga, Dan Dobreanu
  2. Predictive value of risk factors, additional markers and efficacy of pharmacologic treatment in cardiovascular risk reduction in patients with coronary artery disease
    Elena Bobescu, Mariana Radoi, Georgeta Datcu, Zoltan Galajda, Antoniu Burducea, Carmen-Daniela Neculoiu, Roxana Bârsăşteanu, Dorina Popa, Valeria Paler, Delia Veştemean, Mirela Arsu, Mariana Anghel
  3. Stratification of cardiovascular risk in type 2 diabetic patients in correlation with lifestyle and laboratory parameters
    Terézia Szőcs-Molnár, Enikő Nemes-Nagy, Elisabeta Olivia Gyenge, Beáta Kósa, Zahra Al-Aissa, Zsuzsanna Jákó, Emese Kovács, Gizella Mareş-Ferencz, Mónika Szabó, Victor Balogh-Sămărghiţan, Ştefan Hobai
  4. Glycemic control and dyslipidemia as risk factors of diabetic neuropathy
    Anca Bacârea, V. C. Bacârea, Ioana Carmen Crişan
  5. Comparison of two analytical methods (electrophoresis and HPLC) to detect thalassemias and hemoglobinopathies
    Monica Dogaru, Daniel Coriu, Trefor Higgins
  6. Immune deficiency in patients with B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia
    Bogdana Dorcioman, Anca Bacârea, Galafteon Oltean
  7. Environment impact on Mures water quality. Chemical parameters evaluation
    Daniela Ceană, Monica Tarcea, Simona Szasz, Ramona Ureche