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Articles from Nr. 3(September)/2011

  1. Chronic Stress, Neuroendocrine Disorders and Metabolic Syndrome
    Ioana Brudaşcă, Mircea Cucuianu
  2. Overview of influenza virus antiviral resistance in Romania in the last four epidemic seasons – phenotyping, genotyping and molecular analysis study
    Gheorghe Necula, Maria E. Mihai, Claudiu E. Sbarcea, Sorin Dinu, Emilia Lupulescu, Emanoil Ceausu, Adrian Streinu-Cercel, Dan F. Mihailescu, Viorel I. Alexandrescu
  3. Gram negative bacterial bloodstream infections: resistance patterns and risk factors
    Adriana Hristea, Ioana D. Olaru, Olga Dorobat, Maria Nica, Mihaela Ion, Ruxandra Moroti, Victoria Arama, Alexandru Rafila, Emanoil Ceausu, Lee W. Riley
  4. High Prevalence of CTX-M Group of Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamases in Enterobacteriaceae strains isolated from the North-East of Romania
    Cristina Tuchiluş, Ana Irina Mereuţă, Aida Bădescu, Dumitru Buiuc
  5. Detection of mecA gene in clinical Staphylococcus aureus isolates from Infectious Diseases Hospital, Iasi, Romania
    Olivia S. Dorneanu, Teodora Vremeră, Eduard V. Năstase, Cătălina Logigan, Aida C. Bădescu, Egidia G. Miftode
  6. New immunodiagnostic tests for latent and active tuberculosis
    Dragoş Bumbăcea, Răzvan Lungu, Irina Pele, Ana Neagu, Irina Alexiu, Mihaela Chivu Economescu, Roxana S. Bumbăcea, Carmen C. Diaconu
  7. Identification of second generation tyrosine kinase inhibitors relevant mutations in a cohort of chronic myeloid leukemia patients treated in a single center in Romania
    Kinga Tatar, Rodica Talmaci, Dumitru Jardan, Maria Damian, Adriana Coliță, Hortensia Ioniță, Coriu Daniel
  8. Aspects regarding intratumor angiogenesis and vasculogenic mimicry in canine mammary tumors
    Adrian F. Gal, Alecsandru I. Baba, Viorel Miclaus, Adriana Titilincu, Cosmina Cuc, Marian Taulescu, Cornel Catoi
  9. Evaluation of Diagnostic Tests: Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves
    Cristian Baicus, Adriana Hristea, Anda Baicus