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Dr. Adrian Man


Articles from Nr. 1(March)/2016

  1. Editorial
  Diabetes mellitus: in search of an improved classification and treatment algorithm
    Simona Cernea, Avivit Cahn
  2. Review
  A novel evaluation of microvascular damage in critically ill polytrauma patients by using circulating microRNAs
    Ovidiu Horea Bedreag, Alexandru Florin Rogobete, Carmen Alina Cradigati, Mirela Sarandan, Radu Nartita, Florin George Horhat, Sonia Elena Popovici, Dorel Sandesc, Marius Papurica
  3. Original professional paper
  Saliva leukocytes rather than saliva epithelial cells represent the main source of DNA
    Corina Maria Cianga, Ion Antohe, Mihaela Zlei, Daniela Constantinescu, Petru Cianga
  4. Short communication
  FGB -455 G>A and GP IIIa PIA1/A2 polymorphisms in a group of Romanian stroke patients
    Felicia Maria Petrișor, Andreea Cătană, Dragoș Horea Mărginean, Adrian Pavel Trifa, Radu Anghel Popp, Ioan Victor Pop
  5. Research article
  The correlation of dawn phenomenon with glycemic variability parameters in type 2 diabetes mellitus
    Gabriela Roman, Cornelia Bala, Cristian Ioan Craciun, Adriana Rusu, Anca Elena Craciun
  6. Research article
  High-sensitivity C-reactive protein is associated with 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure variability in type 2 diabetes and control subjects
    Dana Mihaela Ciobanu, Cornelia Gabriela Bala, Ioan Andrei Veresiu, Petru Adrian Mircea, Gabriela Roman
  7. Short communication
  Decreased serum levels of sex steroids associated with osteoporosis in a group of Romanian male patients
    Florina Ligia Popa, Mihaela Stanciu, Adrian Bighea, Mihai Berteanu, Ioan Gheorghe Totoianu, Maria Rotaru
  8. Research article
  Non-invasive Sampling for Assessment of Oxidative Stress and Pro-inflammatory Cytokine Levels in Beta-Thalassaemia Major Patients
    Mohd. Rashdan Abd. Rahim, Jin Ai Mary Anne Tan, Ravishankar Ram Mani, Umah Rani Kuppusamy
  9. Case series
  Acquired von Willebrand disease: from theory to practice. A single center experience - three case reports
    Andrei Colită, Carmen Saguna, Andra Costache, Gabriela Borsaru, Raluca Manolache, Ana Maria Ivănescu, Anca Roxana Lupu
  10. Research article
  Prevalence of virulence markers and pHS-2-like plasmids among Shigella sonnei and Shigella flexneri isolates originating from shigellosis cases in Romania
    Daniela Cristea, Mihaela Oprea, Adriana Simona Ciontea, Felicia Antohe, Codruta-Romanita Usein
  11. Course notes
  Sperm sexing technology - new directions in medicine
    Laura Pindaru, Iulia Maria Balaci, Ioan Ștefan Groza
  12. Letter to the editor
  Qualitative analysis of microbiologic changes in subgingival biofilm in early stage of fixed orthodontic treatment
    Krisztina Ildiko Mártha, Cristina Ioana Bică, Luminița Lazăr, Réka Gyergyay, Anna Lőrinczi, Alpár Dakó, Lilla Katalin Lőrinczi