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  Articles published by Mircea,Cucuianu
  1 Abnormal lipid metabolism in metabolic syndrome: an epigenetic perspective
    Authors: Ioana Brudașcă, Mircea Cucuianu
  2 Thirty years in hemostasis research in Cluj Napoca
    Authors: Mircea Cucuianu
  3 Reciprocal antagonism between inflammation and the protein C system
    Authors: Mircea Cucuianu, Ioana Brudasca, Luminita Plesca, Gyorgy Bodizs, Dan Colhon, Andrei Cucuianu
  4 Gout, hyperuricemia and the metabolic syndrome
    Authors: Mircea Cucuianu, Ioana Brudaşcă
  5 Chronic Stress, Neuroendocrine Disorders and Metabolic Syndrome
    Authors: Ioana Brudaşcă, Mircea Cucuianu
  6 Anticoagulant mechanisms are modulated by vascular endothelial cells
    Authors: Ioana Brudaşcă, Mircea Cucuianu
  7 Coagulation factor XIII, impaired fibrinolysis and cardiovascular disease
    Authors: Mircea Cucuianu, Ioana Brudaşcă