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Articles from Nr. 4(October)/2022

  1. Research article
  High DNAJA4 expression correlates with poor survival outcomes in breast cancer
    Tolga Acun, Oya Incekara
  2. Research article
  Correlations of cofilin1 and phosphorylation at Ser3 site with sensitivity of elderly patients with non-small cell lung cancer to radiotherapy
    Feijie Lu, Chunrong Zhong, Yongquan Dong, Mingming Wang, Qi Yang
  3. Original professional paper
  Diagnostic value of combination of exfoliative cytology with CA125, CEA, NSE, CYFRA21-1 and CA15-3 for lung cancer
    Liang Zhang, Jun Lei, Jing Xia, Ang Cai
  4. Research article
  Autoantibodies Against ROS-Human Serum Albumin-A Potent Immunological marker in Depressed Individuals with Smoking History
    Subuhi Sherwani, Mohd W. A. Khan
  5. Research article
  Oxidative stress and metabolic parameters in hypertensive patients with/without diabetes mellitus in cardiovascular risk evaluation
    Enikő Nemes-Nagy, Erzsébet Fogarasi, Mircea Dumitru Croitoru, Zoltán Preg, Sándor Pál, Kinga-Ilona Nyulas, Tünde Pál, Robert Gabriel Tripon, Mariana Cornelia Tilinca, Márta Germán-Salló
  6. Research article
  The effect of Ulva rigida (C. Agardh, 1823) against cadmium-induced apoptosis and oxidative stress
    Latife Ceyda İrkin
  7. Research article
  Endothelial progenitor cell (EPCs)-derived exosomal miR-30d-5p inhibits the inflammatory response of high glucose-impaired fibroblasts by affecting the polarization of M1/M2 macrophage
    Wu Xiong, Mei-xin Tan, Zi-lin Chen, Yu Liu, Yang Liu, Xiao-ling Zou, Xiao-qin Wang, Ya Yang, Pei Tan, Xi Zhang
  8. Research article
  Phenotypic Carbapenemase Production and blaOXA detecting by PCR in Acinetobacter baumannii
    Elena-Roxana Buzilă, Olivia Simona Dorneanu, Cătălina Luncă, Igor Jelihovschi, Luminiţa Smaranda Iancu
  9. Original professional paper
  Protocol and Matters for Consideration for the Treatment of Polymerase Chain Reaction Contamination in Next-Generation Sequencing Laboratories
    Lin Wang, Chen Ma, Bin He, Rong Qiang, Hongsu Zhang
  10. Research article
  Setting up an own laboratory performance-based internal quality control plan - a model for complete blood count
    Oana R. Oprea, Elena Cristina Preda, Ion Bogdan Mănescu, Minodora Dobreanu
  11. Erratum
  Correction for the article: Papuc SM, Budisteanu M, Erbescu A, Ionescu V, Iliescu C, Sandu C, et al. Novel DCX pathogenic variant in a girl with subcortical band heterotopia. Rev Romana Med Lab. 2022;30(3):345-51. DOI: 10.2478/rrlm-2022-0031
    Sorina Mihaela Papuc, Magdalena Budisteanu, Alina Erbescu, Virgil Ionescu, Catrinel Iliescu, Carmen Sandu, Aurora Arghir